Security Foil


We offer an extensive array of exceptional adhesive packaging solutions, including self-adhesive, continuous strips, die-cut, double-sided and more. Read on to discover how our functional labels help your packages deliver.


When is a label more than a label? When its functionality includes holding, bonding and strapping. Our hard-working self-adhesive strips go above and beyond to keep things together. Just like we do.


If you can imagine it, chances are we can create it. And that includes adhesive strips. We can custom-cut labels of strips with a die to make nearly any size or shape you need.


As the name suggests, our continuous adhesive strips are strips of adhesive in a continuous tape. They can be cut in multiple sizes for your specific uses and specifications.


Our double-sided adhesive offers options such as permanent adhesive on both sides to adhere two sides.


Custom-printed tape for your custom needs. From logos and holograms to messaging and security features, we can customize any tape or label product to your specifications.

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