Food Labels


Our 20 years of produce and prime label experience shows. We’ve developed comprehensive solutions, unmatched adhesive options and advanced printing capabilities to help our customers thrive. Bottom line: Your bottom line matters to us. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you grow your business and your profitability. Put us to work, and see for yourself.


For more than two decades, Superior Tape & Label has delivered produce labels designed to resist fading, bleeding, smudging and the damaging effects of temperature extremes. The fruit of all that labor? Hundreds of customers who know they can count on us—and our products.

Naturally our pressure-sensitive PLU labels meet FDA regulations for food contact. But that’s just the beginning. With an eye toward our customers’ greatest needs and biggest wishes, we offer flexographic printing, every type of label application, custom adhesion applications and fast, flexible manufacturing.


  • FDA-compliant
  • Pressure-sensitive
  • Resists fading, bleeding, smudging and temperature extremes
  • Flexographic printing with up to 8-color capability and crisp images and graphics, as well as superior text readability.
  • Variety of adhesive coatings
  • Custom adhesion applications
  • State-of-the-art in-line die-cutters
  • Conventional rewinding equipment
  • Long-length spooling equipment
Fruit Labels Produce
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