Scratch Off Security


You’re always on the lookout for the best security systems available. That makes two of us. Our Scratch and Peel & Sandwich security systems offer unsurpassed PIN protection to safeguard your customer’s information—and your company’s reputation.


Tired of the messy residue typical scratch labels leave behind? Our Scratch & Peel labels allow you to “peel and reveal” the PIN cleanly and easily. Our Scratch & Peel labels are ideal for companies that need a residue-free surface for code scanning, or those who want to display a message, such as “VOID” or “OPENED,” when the label has been removed.


  • Peels cleanly to access the PIN
  • Can also be scratched off, like a conventional scratch-off label
  • Won’t “gum up” terminals/machines with sticky residue
  • No scratch residue on the card surface, enabling easy code scanning
  • Can also display a "VOID" or "OPENED" message when removed, showing the PIN has been accessed
  • Available in high-capacity roll formats


The PIN is the key that will unlock credit cards, bank accounts, college funds and retirement dreams. The best way to protect it? Obliterate it in the event of an attempted razor-lift theft. Our dual-label Sandwich System allows the top label to be scratched off for PIN access. If someone tries to lift the top label and steal the PIN, however, the number will be destroyed. Our Sandwich Security System puts the ultimate protection within reach.


  • Highest PIN security available
  • Thinnest base material in the world—more than 40% thinner than standard base label products
  • Excellent scratch experience
  • Prints cleanly with a variety of ink jet printing technologies
  • Excellent aging properties
  • Available in high-capacity roll formats
  • Materials readily available for fast order turn



Pin Covered


  • Added protection from fraud
  • Label can be scratched off to expose complete pin similar to standard scratch labels, but if someone tries to remove the label then replace it on the card, the pin is destroyed.

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