Security Labels


One thing is certain, there will always be an element trying to take advantage of weaknesses in any product. This is where we come along side customers like you to develop advanced security solutions to shore up any weaknesses and deter would be thieves. Our industry leading portfolio of Secure Materials includes multiple tamper-evident characteristics such as VOID features, destructible films, thermochromic inks and other custom options that can be implemented to meet your specific needs.


When it comes to security, what’s on the outside counts, too. Applied over the closure of any kind of package (think envelope, box, clamshell, etc.), our tamper-evident labels offer true color change when the package is opened.


In addition to color changes and traditional VOID material, we also offer the only product on the market that easily allows you to customize the message displayed when the package is opened. So you can go beyond VOID to something that’s perfect just for you.


It sounds like something out of Mission Impossible: a material that self-destructs upon tampering. But, it’s true. Our destructible material falls apart when cut or opened, documenting that it has been tampered with.


Thermochromic inks change color when subjected to extreme heat or cold. These inks can be added to nearly any label or tape to help ensure product authenticity and integrity.

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