Hight Quality Labels


A strong relationship is like a strong adhesive. It’s all a matter of chemistry.

At Superior Tape & Label we work as hard at creating lasting relationships as we do creating high-performing products. We’re known as the premier security label manufacturer in the industry, but that’s only one reason more manufacturers choose Superior Tape & Label. They also know that we’re committed to their success and will do whatever it takes to deliver unparalleled functionality, performance and service.

We begin by listening to our customers and establishing solid production processes that ensure consistent quality. Then we put the best team and the highest QA standards to work. We measure and record the performance of each batch of raw materials, all adhesives, coatings, manufacturing settings and the environment. We age our labels to ensure performance over time. And we can track every element of the manufacturing process for every label. This robust quality control process ensures an uncommonly low fail rate, as each job is sampled throughout its run for a variety of characteristics, including opacity, tape resistance, scratch, die-cut and abrasion resistance.

At Superior Tape & Label, we work hard to live up to our name, from unparalleled quality control to the most innovative solutions in the industry. See what we’re made of. And discover the difference Superior products, service and standards make.


We were born to innovate. Committed to providing our customers the solutions they need (as well as the solutions they don’t yet know they need), we continually develop best-in-category products. Our R&D lab regularly tests new products and materials.


We’re the only manufacturer in the industry to label and retain a portion of every material in our warehouse. This allows us to trace any problems back to the press and the operator, or to test the material itself for flaws. It also allows us to immediately inform our customer which material they should use.


The speed of business is faster than ever. We not only have a solid history of providing on-time delivery, but also can usually provide partial orders if we receive a later order. This gives you enough material to run until the balance of the order is received.

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