The email is one of the most important and successful forms of communication in our time. Sending an email is more convenient, cheaper and faster than the old fashion mail and postal stamp. It is the appropriate time to enhance your proficiency about the process of sending an email in a matter of seconds. There are so many email service providers today with an aim to provide the best facilities for users of the email communication facilities. You require the computer with the Internet connection, an account with the email service provider and the email address of the recipient to send and receive the email. If you need to send lots of emails, then you need to buy spam tools online.

Understand the basics 

You can consider how to send an email with the Gmail right now. You have to log in to your account and access the main page of the mail account. Now, click the Compose option. You will get an instant access to the new blank email window. You have to type in the email address of the recipient in the To box. If you wish to add anyone else in the email and keep these people in the loop, then you can use the Cc or Bcc option. Cc means Carbon Copy and this facility helps you to let the receiver of the copy of the email and other recipients see their email addresses. 

Bcc means blind carbon copy and this facility supports you to send the same email to different people and keep the mailing list confidential. Every receiver of such email only receives the copy of the email and cannot access the email addresses of other recipients. This facility helps a lot to avoid attacks of hackers. In the Subject field, you can give the email recipient an overview about the topic of the email. Though there is no need to put anything in the subject box, the subject of the email helps the receiver to quickly view and sort the emails. 

The best approach to send the email 

Email text formatting is same as the text formatting in the word document.  Users of the email service provider can change the size, color and style of the font using the formatting icons. They create bullet points and check the spelling of the content in the email. They can choose the suitable formatting option from the menu and make a good decision to enhance their content of the email as per requirements. You have to type the message in the email’s main body field. You can format the email by successfully using the options accessible on the toolbar. You can click the insert link icon and add the Text to display when you like to add a link in the email’s body. 

If you have completed everything in the email creation process and are happy with your email, then you can click the Send button located at the compose window’s bottom. Any email sent to the email receiver is stored in the Sent Mail folder. You can access such email in this section at any time you require. You can use the Drafts facility to compose emails and send them later based on your requirements.